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SmartyPants Vegetarian Organic Kid's MultiVitamin- My daughter loves the taste of these vitamins but they also packs a nutritional punch. These vitamins are produced to be in their active form making them easiest for your babes to actually utilize. 

Alaffia Everyday Shea Bubble Bath- What kid doesn’t love a bubble bath?! This product offers peace of mind not only for its use of natural ingredients, but for its fair trade commitment. 


Earth Mama Angel Baby Diaper Balm- This product is AMAZING! Cleared up my daughters diaper rashes overnight and we are still using it for owies 3 years later! This product is perfect for any skin irritation!

Kid Make Up - My 3 year old LOVES to play dress up! I didn’t even consider makeup for her until she received this AMAZING princess vanity from a family member full of pre-purchased makeup. My daughter went to heaven applying all the lipsticks to her entire face. Her face was stained for the next two days and I had the HARDEST time getting that stuff off of her. So I went straight to work finding safer makeup I can feel comfortable with her playing with, and this is it!

Aspartame Free Gum - No aspartame please. This is a great gum without the toxic sugar substitute aspartame in it. Plus it has xylitol for additional dental benefits!

Dog Shampoo - My human kid isn’t the only one who I take care of. I also buy safer products for my pup!

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