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A Healthier You


Hi, I'm Ashley! I'm so glad you're here! I'm all about helping people become the best version of themselves, particularly in the areas of health and wellness. I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Registered Nurse. I look forward to meeting you!


My passions:

  • Holistic Health and Nutrition

  • Women & Children's Health

  • Lasting Lifestyle Changes

  • Empowering Women

  • Simplifying

  • Cooking


Is the best version of yourself shining brightly for the whole world to see?!
Totality Wellness started for me when I discovered that my body didn't have to feel older than it was! Simply by changing the foods I put into my body, I was able to improve the way I felt!

PLUS, my life force had awakened! My goal is to motivate and inspire fellow women, and their families to reach their health goals. Whether it's just to feel better overall, lose weight, plan a healthy pregnancy, or try and improve overall health and wellness, I can help!

It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to explore their wellness goals with a trained professional. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your goals. Throughout my education, I have been exposed to the most cutting-edge dietary theories and studied highly effective coaching techniques to help you find the right lifestyle that works best for you.

Most approaches to healthy eating dwell on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions, and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to explore basic improvements and implement gradual changes during our work together. As these pieces accumulate, my clients find these changes collectively creating a much larger impact than they originally anticipated. We work on what they want to improve within the circumstances of their unique situation.

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"I want to thank Ashley on her awesomeness as a coach. I joined her challenge in August a little reluctant. I wasn't sure if I could do what she was asking. However, with her small goals of just drinking more water, and avoiding Gluten I gained confidence by losing 5lbs the first week. I asked her more questions about nitrates, msg, gluten, xanthum gum, and many other chemicals that were in labels of my foods. These questions may have been easy for her to answer but she never made me feel like I was bothering her. Even if she herself had to look it up she would follow through for me. She gave me the knowledge and her safety net to succeed! I am pleased to announce in 3 months I have lost 26lbs and gained confidence in my food choices. Thank you for making me happier in my own skin and giving me back my confidence!!!"

Amy Creath

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April 1, 2019
NBR FM Radio Interview

NBRFM - Ashley Cummins
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