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My 2020 Year in Review

Warning....this is a long one!

Oh 2020, what a year! As the year comes to a close, I start planning ahead which is why I wanted to talk to you, my dedicated followers. As I am sure you have noticed, I have been missing from the social media scene quite a bit this year. Well, there is a good reason for that. I'm PREGNANT!!!!

Per my usual fashion, I had a LOT on my plate coming into the summer. I work as a nurse at the hospital, I work at my business (Totality Wellness) on my days off, I am in college, I'm a mother and a wife and now I find out I'm pregnant. I was stretched very thin and was also having to take care of my child full time because of school and COVID. I knew a difficult decision had to be made in order to not only be a good mother to the daughter I had but to also be able to nurture and grow a human. I decided to take a break from college and to stop producing new content for my business's social media platforms. Bummer for you, I know....but it's only temporary friends.

In other awesome 2020 news...My daughter and I tested positive for COVID. I wasn't at all surprised we contracted it considering the growing number of those infected and the fact my child had started going to school in person again. We had prepared our immune systems the best we knew how and fortunately had very mild cases. The hardest part of it all was the long quarantine on our mental health and the not getting paid part. But...we survived and are back to work and school and are thankful for our health!

I also want to let you know I will be scheduling time off for the holidays and for maternity leave. I will be taking time to be with family for the holidays from December 21st through January 7th. I intend on taking maternity leave from March 1st through the middle of June. I will know more specifics as I get closer to delivery. I do plan on seeing clients up until March so if you're needing some help with your wellness in 2021, please reach out!

I hope you have a blessed holiday season and I look forward to serving you in 2021!

With gratitude,


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